72 Crazy and Interresting Facts about Dubai1. There is 7 emirate which separates UEA which is Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al-Khaimah, and Fujeriah. That's why they called it “United Emirates Arab”.

2. As part of a city in Abu Dhabi, Dubai is the only emirate with a veto over the national problems of the United Arab Emirates.

3. The local population, called Emirates, is only about 15% of the total population. The majority of Dubai's population are Indian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani and European immigrants looking for work.

4. The United Arab Emirates is a country with amazing and amazing architecture. For almost 50-60 years, the United Arab Emirates government built one of the Arab worlds into a more modern state, with great infrastructure, health care, and more. The beauty of some of its buildings has surpassed the world record.

5. There is only 6% of Dubai's economy income from selling oil. Dubai's main economy is relying on real estate and tourism.

6. The term Dubai may be derived from the term Daba, which means to move slowly, showing the process of the Dubai River Stream flowing slowly inland.

There is another version of the term according to the poet Ahmad Mohammad Obaid, who says that the term Dubai derives from the term Daba, which denotes a flock of locusts.

7. The Al Maktoum dynasty ruled Dubai since 1833. Dubai does not follow the judicial system of the United Arab Emirates.

8. Dubai ranks third as a city with many skyscrapers (there are 148 skyscrapers in Dubai).

9. In 1968 there were only 13 cars in Dubai. Now the traffic in Dubai is very crowded, so they build a storeyed road to overcome traffic jams.

10. Dubai police are equipped with luxury and super-fast vehicles, such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Bentley.

11. Dubai police have a bagpipe music group. Although the music came from Scotland, they just liked and adapted it.

12. When Dubai's 'founding father', Sheikh Rashid, was asked about the future of Dubai, he replied: "My grandfather rides a camel, my father rides a camel, I ride a Mercedes car, my son rides the Land Rover, my grandson rides Land Rover, but then after it will ride camels "

13. There was an Englishman who was sentenced to four years in prison for carrying weeds weighing less than a sugar pile inserted in his shoe.

14. In Dubai, there are ATMs that issue gold (not money).

15. Dubai does not have an address system, no zip code, no area code, and no postal system. To bundle to the point of destination, the sender must write the correct and clear instructions on the package pack.

16. In Dubai, there is no fecal excreta disposal system, but it is collected first and then taken by truck and disposed of elsewhere.

17. After the global financial crisis on 2008, there were many luxury cars were dropped off in many places in Dubai and airports. Most of these cars were purchased with a soft credit system during the economic boom and then the owner was unable to pay the mortgage because of layoffs due to the economic crisis.

18. In Dubai, to have a beer, even at home, you have to get a "beer license".

19. Despite being a major oil exporter, the United Arab Emirates is demanding the renewal of the Kyoto protocol as an investor in solar energy.

20. People living on the 80th floor The world's tallest building in Dubai has an additional 2 minutes before breaking the fast during the month of Ramadan, as they will be watching the longer-bated sunset on the ground floor.

21. In 1959, Frank Lloyd Wright wanted to build a one-mile (528 stories) building in Chicago. The tallest building in the world today, Burj Khalifa, is only half a mile high and inspired by Wright's design, or about 2,717 feet.

22. The design of the Burj Khalifa inspired the Greek flower, Hymenocallis, from the Greek word meaning "Beautiful Greek Layer".

23. Burj Khalifa was built by a South Korean company called Samsung Engineering and Construction.

24. Burj Khalifa can still be seen from a distance of 90 km.

25. The United Arab Emirates donated a laptop to every high school student in Joplin, Missouri after the city was hit by a tornado. The Chrysler Building, which became an icon in Manhattan, is almost entirely owned by Abu Dabi Emirate.

26. Ferrari has the largest indoor park in Abu Dhabi. Their Roller Coaster, the Rosso, is the fastest rollercoaster in the world, whose speed reaches 150 mph per 5 seconds.

27. The world's tallest tennis court is in Dubai, at the top of the Burj Al Arab. This field has been used tennis championship between Andre Agassi against Roger Federer, and sometimes this field is used as helipad landing (helipad).
28. In Dubai, there are golf courses that require 4,000,000 gallons per day.

29. Dubai is built (especially in the city of Masdar) almost all rely on solar energy and other renewable energy sources with carbon-free and pollution-free environments

30. One of the more famous masterpieces in Dubai is an artificial island which is so called as the World Islands that are in the middle of the sea.

31. Palm Island and The World, in Dubai, is the largest human-made island in the world. The island is almost 500 km long to the Dubai coastline. The island spends 94 billion cubics of sand.
32. The Capital Gate of Abu Dhabi (the capital of the United Arab Emirates) is the most oblique building in the world and is very eye-catching.

33. Burj Al Arab Dubai is one of the most luxurious and charming hotels in the world. This is the third highest hotel in the world. Burj Al Arab uses gold to protect 46,265 Mona Lisa paintings. 1,790 square meters of 24 karat gold pieces adorn the interior of Burj Al Arab. The lobby of this hotel is higher than Liberty statue.

34. 39% of Burj Al Arab hotels are not occupied and become "redundant" places. One night stay at Burj Al Arab is required to pay $ 20,000.

35. One of a restaurant in the Burj Al Arab, named Al Mahara, has an aquarium made of acrylic glass which is The entrance to this restaurant through the tunnel under the sea.

36. The international airport of Dubai is one of the most crowded airports in the world. This airport is the seventh busiest in the world with its passenger traffics, and second busiest in the world of its international traffics. The third terminal in this airport is the largest airport terminal in the world.

37. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dabi is one of the largest mosques in the world that has the third largest candle holder in the world and has the largest carpet in the world made in Iran. The mosque can handle up to 40,000 worshipers.

38. 25% crane all over the world operates in Dubai.

39. The Burj Khalifa was originally planned to be called as Burj Dubai. Because Sheikh Khalifa has saved Dubai from debt by lending a lot of money, his name was changed into Burj Khalifa.

40. In the Arab Emirates, there is no river. Most of the water is salt water. The main source of drinking water in Abu Dabi is the distillation of sea water.

41. Until 1966, the United Arab Emirates (later known as Trucial) used Gulf Rupee, issued by the Indian Government and Reserve Bank of India and equal to the Indian Rupee and used for exchanging outside India.From 1966 to 1973, Abu Dabi used the Bahraini Dinar, and other UAE countries used Qatar and Riyal Dubai. In 1973, Dirham (AED) was introduced. Now, India is the largest trading partner of the United Arab Emirates.

42. The United Arab Emirates doesn't have personal/private tax.

43. Dubai-based Emirates Airline is the fourth largest airport in terms of international passenger carrier, and largest in the Middle East in terms of revenue, fleet size, and passenger carriers.

44. Dubai’s metro train network is the first driverless metro train in the world and has automatics world most length metro lines in the world.
45. The underground metro station opened in Dubai on 2009, comprising 42 stations and built in just 18 months.

46. Abu Dhabi has the fourth longest flagpole in the world.

47. The Prince Tower, in Dubai, is the world's tallest residential building (101 floors). Dubai Marina is the highest skyscraper block in the world. There are resident seven of the top ten residential buildings in the world.

48. The Cayan Tower in Dubai is the tallest building in the world with its twisted shape up to 90 degrees.

49. Dubai mall is the largest mall in the world. Inside this mall, there is a second largest aquarium in the world, the world's largest acrylic panel, and the world's largest candy store. In 2011 and 2012. Dubai mall holds titles for the most visited shopping and fun destinations in the world.

50. Dubai Mall is very advanced and famous. Inside it, there are also Ski Dubai, which is indoor skiing. The total area reaches 22,500 square meters. In addition, there is a snow park and is considered the largest indoor snow park with an area of 3000 square meters.

51. Other outstanding buildings in Abu Dhabi is Aldar Headquarters, Al Bahr Tower in Abu Dabi, Al Mas Tower in Dubai, Etihad Tower in Abu Dabi, Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dabi Landmark Building.

52. According to the Guinness World Record, the United Arab Emirates is home to many palm trees in the world. In 2009, there were reported 42 million palm trees there.

53. Dubailand has twice the size of Disney World in Florida and is expected to be the most tourist destination by 2020.
54. Dubai Miracle garden is the largest natural flower gardens in the world, covering an area of 72,000 square meters and has over 45 million flowers.
55. In Dubai, there are robots which participate in camel racing tournaments to win a million prize. The price of robots for camel races ranged from 300 up to 10,000 USD.

56. 40% of the gold sold in 2013 is sold in Dubai, with sales of $ 70 billion weighing more than 354 elephants (2,250 tons).

57. The longest gold chain in the world is in Dubai. This chain was created during DSF-1999. Total weight of these gold is 22 kg and its length reaches 4.2 km. All these gold is then purchased by 9600 people in the form of bracelets and necklaces.

58. Dubai built an indoor city of 50,000,000 square feet with a controlled climate.

59. In Dubai, air conditioning is not just inside the building, but also at a bus stop.

60. A journalist named Omar Borkan Al Gala who was deported from Saudi Arabia for being too handsome was originally from Dubai.

61. The crime rate in Dubai is very low, even at 0%. That's why this city is considered the safest city in the world. The law is very strict in Dubai, in addition to Dubai residents are also full of morality.

62. In Dubai, you can see a tiger sitting in a car seat.

63. In Dubai, there are free meals that are reserved for the poor.

64. In Dubai, if you succeed in losing weight, for a kilo of weight-generating weight will be paid with 2 grams of gold by the government.

65. In Dubai, we can order pizza just by pressing the magnet box, which will connect our order to the pizzeria (pizza outlet).

66. The vehicle number plate in Dubai is a symbol of prestige and status, which just for it we are required to spend up to $ 14 million.

67. Cultural ethics and dress in Dubai are different from other emirate countries in the United Arab Emirates. Men wear Kandura, which is a long white robe to ankle wool or cotton cloth. The women wore Abaya, a black dress worn over most of the body.

68. In the inland of Dubai, there is a trade district known as the Souk. This district is famous for the commodity trade brought here by the Arab cargo ship from east Asia.

69. The world's tallest residential building and 23 Marina are located in Dubai. The highest hotel in the world, JW. Marriot Marquis Hotel, also located in Dubai, with an altitude of 1,165 feet.

70. In Dubai, taking pictures / photographing people, especially women without a permit is considered rude.

71. Fly Emirates, Emirates, each week carry 2400 passengers from Dubai International Airport Terminal 3 to 105 cities in 62 countries on 6 continents in the world.

72. Emirates is one of nine flights in the world that operates large-bodied aircraft such as Boeing 777. Emirates does not serve small plane flights.

72 Crazy and Interresting Facts about Dubai

Dubai is one of the most visited cities in the UEA because it has many interesting and beautiful sight, Dubai itself is a metropolitan city which is similar to Jakarta. This city has a variety of sophisticated buildings with modern architecture that cant is found in other cities.

There are many of amazing places of luxury and very famous to all over the world such as Burj Al Arab, Dubai Mall, and much more can be found in this city. Besides offering a complete facility that visitors can enjoy, these luxury places has very unique shape and form which also so often used as a photo-taking place.

Although Dubai is surrounded by deserts, Dubai has succeeded in developing its tourism sector to be highly successfully developed. The tourism sector in Dubai has even become the fastest growing source of income. That's why visiting Dubai whether for vacation or business would be an impressive experience.

The city located along the southern coast of the Persian Gulf in the Arabian Peninsula is very advanced and has attracted the world's attention with the success and more innovative buildings than others. Today, buildings and innovative place in Dubai has become a tourist attraction that is very interesting and enthused by the visitors. Do you want to know what tourist destination in Dubai that should be visited? Check this out.

1. Burj al-Arab

 Burj al-ArabBurj Al Arab is one of the most luxurious hotels in Dubai that has a fancy architecture and is built on an artificial island. 

This seven-star luxury hotel was designed by an architect named Tom Wright. Beside of its unique appearance, this building has 321 meters high. 

The altitude earned the title as the fourth world's highest hotel.

Due to its unique shape, Burj Al Arab which consists of 66 floors has successfully become an icon of Dubai. A hotel set on an artificial island about 280 meters off the Persian Gulf coast, a place to stay for those of you who are recently in the United Arab Emirates and want to enjoy world-class luxury facilities. To stay in Burj Al Arab, you have to pay approximately 2000-3000 Dollar each night.


2. Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach
Jumeirah Beach is a famous beach in Dubai and always crowded by tourists. 

The shore that stretches along 7 km is divided into 7 beaches where each part of it has its own uniqueness. 

Jumeirah Beach is worth to be one of the most recommended tourist attractions in Dubai because this beautiful beach has white sand and clear blue sea water.  

Among the 7 Jumeirah beaches, there are two fused beaches, that is Jumeirah Park and Wild Wadi.While visiting Dubai there is no harm to relax for a moment and lie down on white sand sunbathing.

3. Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall
Dubai mall is the next tourist destination on Dubai which so pity to miss for those who are shopaholics. 

Dubai mall is Dubai's largest shopping area and one of the largest malls in the world. 

Boutiques and famous shops from around the world can be found at the Dubai Mall.

Visitors who come to the Dubai Mall can do frugal spending by utilizing the Dubai Shopping Festival which is held every year so they can get a variety of promos and discounts.
In this tourist spot in Dubai, there is also a world's largest candy store that can spoil sweets and sweet lovers.

In addition, this mall is also designed with a very magnificent interior with a giant aquarium.The aquarium in Dubai Mall beside having a very large size is also inhabited by a variety of marine animals such as sharks, manta rays, and other amazing fish.

Not only that, in Dubai Mall there is also an ice ring for those who like to play ice skating as can be found in one mall in Jakarta but with a larger maximum capacity, i.e up to two thousand people.

4. Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah
Palm Jumeirah or often referred too as Palm Island is one of 10 tourist attractions in Dubai which are a must visit while being in this city. 

This unique artificial island has become a heaven for tourists because here they can find various hangouts, hotels, and shopping areas.

While on Palm Island, tourists can find interesting sights such as amusement parks, beaches, aquariums, water sports, and more. Palm Island is dubbed as the island of dreams is indeed the right place for tourists who want to be spoiled by a variety of luxurious entertainment facilities.

In order to get to this island, you have to ride monorail trains that connect to the tram system. Unfortunately, this beautiful island is generally only visited by people with “big money”, because the cost to visit this island and goods which are sold there are very expensive.

5. Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is the Highest tower in the world which is built by a very professional architect and genius.

The tower built in the middle of the desert is the most suitable place for travelers who want to see the Dubai skyline from atop of the tower. 

On the lowest floor of this tower, there is also a Dubai Mall shopping center.

When boarding the tower, tourists will get a presentation on a multimedia monitor of the Burj Khalifa and the history of Dubai City. 

This 153-floor height tower is also built with a charming and magnificent design. 
In addition to the mall, there are also hotels, apartment occupancy, office space, and other facilities inside the Burj Khalifa. All of the facilities in Burj Khalifa can pamper tourists in luxury.

6. Gold Souk

 Gold Souk
Gold Souk is a destination for tourists who love jewelry because this place provides a variety of gold and beautiful jewelry. 

In Gold Souk you can find various types of gold with various shapes, qualities, and karat. 

This Traditional market is filled with shops selling gold and jewelry, very suitable for you who want to buy new jewelry. 

Because of its popularity, this famous market succeeded in making the city of Dubai so called by the Golden Land.

7. Dubai Fountain

Dubai Fountain
This very elegant fountain has managed to become one of the most visited tourist attractions in Dubai. 

Dubai Fountain in Burj Khalifa has earned the title as the largest fountain in the world. 

Dubai's fountain pool has an area of about 12 hectares and can launch water up to as high as five hundred feet.

The magnificent Dubai Fountain provides a show that can be watched at certain hours of the day. 

At night, the beauty of this fountain becomes more beautiful with the added light from the surrounding buildings. Besides, tourists can also enjoy the beauty of the fountain while relaxing accompanied by beautiful songs.

8. Miracle Garden

Miracle Garden
Miracle garden is a place in Dubai for you who love a garden with various type of colorful plants.

Flower garden that can be found in Dubailand area was successfully built in a city filled with deserts and this tourist attraction in Dubai is very interesting to visit.

This beautiful garden has many types of plants that are designed to be a very beautiful appearance. 

Miracle Garden also offers a variety of theme parks, including colorful peacocks, floral clock, butterfly park, and aromatic garden. This park opens every 6 am to 6 pm and can be accessed by paying around $ 10 for adults. Meanwhile, for children under 3 years old can enter the park for free.

9. Bastakia Quarter

Bastakia Quarter
Bastakia Quarter is an area filled with old buildings that have unique ancient architecture. 

In Bastakia Quarter visitors can see a different atmosphere than anywhere else in Dubai but still unique and beautiful.

Bastakia Quarter is an old town that has a lot of museum, especially in Al Fahidi area. 

Museums that can be visited by tourists include coffee museums, stamp museums, coin museums, and much more.

The museums are certainly very interesting especially if you want to see the development and history of Dubai. Visiting Bastakia Quarter can be done either during the day or night.

10. Wild Wadi

Wild Wadi
Wild Wadi is the best choice of places for vacation with family when they are in Dubai. 

Wild Wadi is a water park located on Jumeirah Beach and has managed to become a favorite tourist spot in Dubai for tourists who come with family. 

This Waterpark has a very complete facility which is for the convenience of all visitors who come to play there.

Well, that is all list of 10 recommended hang out and vacation which can you find in Dubai, which place you like the most to visit first? 

10 Best attractions and things to do in Dubai

When to go to Bali depends on what you are planning to go there and not too much on the weather. The weather in general pretty stable in Bali, hence most times would be a good time for you to visit Bali. But if you are going there for specific reasons or activities, then you might want to plan around it.
When is the best time to go Bali for good weather?
Uluwatu Temple, Pura Luhur at Bali. Photo by Melburnian

Weather in Bali

In terms of weather, the best time to go to Bali is July-August as the temperature is at its coolest at these times and also the driest in terms of rain. But it is also the peak season naturally, thus take note of the tourist crowds and do book in advance.

High/Peak and Low Season in Bali

From April to September will be the high season in Bali, as it is purportedly the dry season and also generally the summer holiday season in many parts of the world.
The quieter months are from October to March, and though it is considered the rainy seasons, most of the rains come only in the evening and leave pretty quickly. Therefore, it is still possible to enjoy Bali in this weather if you plan your days earlier and rest in the evening.

Best time to visit Bali

The best months to go to Bali in terms of weather and also the crowd are the shoulder seasons, that is either March or October. At these times, you will have a relatively dry weather yet without the tourist crowds!

Bali Festivals

If you want to visit Bali Festivals, here are some of the popular festivals to look out for:

Bali Arts Festival – Normally around June-July, There will be performances from all remote corners of Indonesia, almost forgotten ritual and village dances, food and offerings, classical palace dance and even contemporary dances from the schools of Denpasar.

Bali Kite Festival – held yearly in July in Padang Galak Area, Sanur Beach, Bali. People from Denpasar villages will make their traditional giant kites and fly them in a competition.
Bali is generally a good all-weather travel place, an exception to some months where it can be really hot and humid or can have some heavy rain. In summary, you can travel to Bali from March to October with good weather.

When is the best time to go Bali for good weather?

In the Eastern Region of Java Island, Bali is the most famous tourist spot from Indonesia all over the world, Asides famous for its natural beauty, especially the beach, Bali is also famous for its unique and interesting arts and culture.

As a complete and integration tourist destinations, Bali has a lot of interesting sights, below this is some of the most recommended places to visit in Bali

1. Kuta beach

Kuta beach is the most famous and most visited tourist spot in Bali, because of its location is not too far from Airport, the beauty of its beach scenery, the low cost, and the waves is suitable for beginner surfers.

Kuta beach

Kuta beach is also famous of its beautiful sunset, the unique fact about Kuta beach before known as a tourist spot as it is now is, Kuta beach is a main port and trading center in Bali. With its white sand and Blue sea, also an appropriate facility, Kuta beach is the most recommended place of Bali. Besides the beauty of its beach, you will be satisfied with the night scenery of it.

2. Tanah Lot temple

Tanah Lot Temple is one of the most famous places in Bali because of its wonderful landscape, especially of its sunset. Tanah Lot temple which is consisting of 2 temples is a place to worship the god of the sea. 

Tanah Lot temple

The uniqueness of Tanah Lot Temple is this temple is located on a large rock on the edge of the sea. When the tides up, you cannot go through pass to the temple because the rock support of it was flooded by the water. 

When the tides go low you can see some docile serpents which also called as a guardian of Tanah Lot temple by the natives, and its no harm to hold this sacred serpent since they are docile.

3.  Padang-Padang Beach

Maybe it's not as famous as Kuta beach, but Padang-Padang beach is a very beautiful and unique beach, at the first sight I have visited this beach I thought it wasn't an attractive beach because it's not too famous, but I am wrong!. 

Padang-Padang Beach

Padang-Padang beach is a little beach hiding behind a cliff on Pecatu, near Uluwatu, To reach Padang Padang Beach, you have to pass a ladder that divides the cliff, Padang - Padang beach isn't too big, but beautiful and attractive to visit with, most of the visitor of Padang-Padang beach is foreigner, because this beach isn't too popular for domestic tourist.

4. Beratan Bedugul Lake

Beratan Bedugul Lake is a Lake atop of mountains with a beautiful natural scenery, the uniqueness of Beratan Bedugul lake comes from Ulun Danu temple.
Beratan Bedugul Lake

Ulun Danu temple is located at the edge of the Beratan Bedugul lake, beside of it tourist can also enjoy the water games or hiring a canoe in Beratan Bedugul lake.

 5. Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK)

Garuda Wisnu Kencana or GWK of short is a cultural tourism park which located in southern Bali, GWK is a magnificent huge statue made by I Nyoman Nuarta. Until this time, GWK isn't fully built yet,  just some part of it already finished, but you still can enjoy then the magnificent of GWK. 

Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK)

Beside the statue itself, there are also hills of limestone that carved into giant blocks, in the future this giant limestone hill will be carved into many archaic sculptures, in this GWK there is also an art theater, u can learn and enjoy various arts, culture, and traditional Balinese dance here every day.

6. Lovina Beach

Lovina Beach may not be too often heard among tourists. Lovina Beach is one of the most favorite places in Bali that I like because in Lovina Beach we can see dolphins swimming and jumping in their natural habitat. 

Lovina Beach

Located in the north of  Bali close to Singaraja City, you will go to the sea and see dolphins by using fishing boats.Lovina Beach Dolphins play by the beach in the morning, therefore tourists usually depart from the beach starting at 6 am. Besides Lovina beach is one of the romantic places in Bali.

What's more romantic than spending time alone with your soulmate in the beach while watching a pair of dolphins chasing each other in the vast ocean? ;)

7. Besakih temple

Besakih temple is a temple located at the foot of Mount Agung and is the largest temple in Bali. In  Besakih temple often held Hindu religious rituals because Besakih temple is believed as a holy place and is the mother of all temples in Bali.

Besakih temple

Besakih temple built with the concept of God, human, and natural balance or often referred to as Tri Hita Karana.  To enter the Besakih temple area, you have to use a sarong that can be borrowed around the location of Pura Besakih.

8. Uluwatu temple

Uluwatu temple is one of the tourist spot in Bali which is located atop the cliff just into the sea, Uluwatu Temple not only offers a distinctive Balinese religious atmosphere but also offers the beauty of its panorama, especially the beauty of its already well-known sunset. 

Uluwatu temple

In Uluwatu temple, you will meet with a number of monkeys that are believed to function to maintain the sanctity of Uluwatu Temple. To enter Uluwatu Temple area, you must use sarong and scarf which is a symbol of respect to the holiness of Uluwatu temple.

9. Jimbaran Beach

Jimbaran Beach is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Bali. By the time you come to Jimbaran Beach, the first thing you will see is the row of dining tables and chairs on the beautiful white sand.  

Jimbaran Beach

Jimbaran beach is famous for its beach edge culinary, especially its seafood, Jimbaran beach is for you who want to hang out while enjoying the Balinese culinary tour. No need to worry about eating at Jimbaran Beach because the waves at Jimbaran Beach are very calm, do not harm you who are eating on the beach.

Jimbaran Beach Bali is also one of the honeymoon destination in Bali which is very famous among tourists, an especially foreigner. The best time to visit Jimbaran beach for a honeymoon is towards sunset, around 17:30.Around the beach area of Jimbaran, there are many food stalls which sell roasted corn and coconut ice. 

So while enjoying the roasted corn and coconut ice with sunset views, of course, the honeymoon with the couple will be very memorable.

10. Monkey Forest

Monkey Forest is a tourist destination in Bali that will bring you back to nature. Located in Ubud, Bali, Monkey Forest is a forest inhabited by many wild apes. 

These monkeys are considered sacred by the locals so they should not be disturbed and allowed to live in the forest happily.Monkeys in Monkey Forest love food, they will try to get the food you brought in, even though if the food is in your bag.

Monkey Forest

In this place, you will see the life of hundreds of unique and interesting monkeys. Monkey forest tourism in the village of Padang Tegal Ubud is suitable also as a place to tour with children and families in Bali. 

This 8 hectares protected forest is inhabited by hundreds of tamed monkeys already accustomed to interacting with visitors. 

The clement atmosphere under the tropical trees, these monkeys are well severed, they feed them routine with fruits and tubers so they don't bother the visitors, you can take a picture with these cute monkeys or trekking inside the forest area, or u can just sit there and enjoy the cuteness of this creature under the tropical trees.

11. Benoa Cape

Benoa Cape which borders Nusa Dua Bali is the center of the sport and water game in Bali. The characteristics of Tanjung Benoa Beach are the water is very calm, so it is suitable for various types of water games. 

Benoa Cape
Benoa Cape, Bali. Photo by Arthur Mawuntu

Some of the water games you can play here are snorkeling, sea walker, banana boat, parasailing, wakeboard, waterski, jetski, scuba diving, donut boat, flying fish, etc. In addition, you can also go see the giant sea turtle on the sea turtle island by boat from Tanjung Benoa.

12. Batur Kintamani Lake

Batur Kintamani Lake is one of Bali's natural charms. Located on Bali's 2nd highest mountain, Lake Batur Kintamani has a cool air and a breathtaking view. 

Batur Kintamani Lake
Batur Kintamani Lake, Bali. Photo by Sue

Lake Batur Kintamani is the largest lake in Bali which is most visited because of its unmatched wonderful view.

13. Kecak Uluwatu dance

Kecak Dance is the most famous and most interesting Balinese dance to see. From all of many places that display the attraction of kecak, I think the most interesting is the Kecak Uluwatu Dance which is in Uluwatu temple. 

Kecak Uluwatu dance
Kecak Dance, Bali. Photo by Krisna Indah

Kecak Uluwatu Dance performs Balinese kecak dance with a backdrop of sunset at Uluwatu which is very beautiful. Kecak Uluwatu Dance is very popular and has so many audiences therefore if you want to watch Kecak Uluwatu Dance performance, I suggest to book the tickets1 week before the performance.

14. Telaga Waja river rafting

Telaga Waja River Rafting is perfect for those of you who like exciting and challenging activities. Telaga Waja River has clear and clean water and challenging rapids. At the end of the rafting, you will jump over a water gate, very exciting. 

Telaga Waja river rafting
Telaga Waja, Bali. Photo by Duwi Mertiana

After completing the enjoyment of Telaga Waja River Rafting, you will get a bonus of trekking up the mountain, therefore prepare yourself and rest enough that because Rafting River Telaga Waja will drain your energy.

15. Ayung river rafting

Ayung River Rafting has different characteristics with River Rafting Telaga Waja. If River Rafting Telaga Waja offers challenges, then Rafting Ayung River offers beauty. Panorama along the Ayung River is very beautiful, coupled with sculptures on river cliffs, and green trees around the river complement the beauty of Ayung River Rafting.

Ayung river rafting
Ayung River, Bali. Photo by Bali Vylet

Along to the beautifulness of Bali, beaches are also known as a romantic place, making it suitable for couples who went on honeymoon.

15 Top Places to Visit in Bali